Why Defensive Driving?


Have a Ticket?

Get It Dismissed. You will avoid having points against your driver’s license and save money on the fine. Ticket Dismissal in Seguin, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Universal City, & surrounding area

Insurance Savings

Completing our driver safety course could save you money on car insurance. Some auto insurance companies will give up to a 10% discount after you submit your certificate of completion.


Take our Defensive Driving Course.

DriveSafe Central Texas(CP315-C3253) has been a state-approved defensive driving school since 2010. Our state-certified instructors are experienced and conduct fast-paced interactive classes with videos and PowerPoint presentations.  Frequent breaks are taken and a  complimentary meal is provided. 

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Additional Information

 Every Texan is allowed to take a defensive driving course once a year for TICKET DISMISSAL. Taking the class only for an INSURANCE DISCOUNT does not forfeit your opportunity to have a ticket dismissed by attending a defensive driving class. 


You may be allowed to take a defensive driving course more than once a year at the discretion of the court judge. It is always best to ask the court for permission to take a defensive driving course.

Successfully completing our course will allow you to dismiss your traffic ticket to keep your official Texas driver record clean and help lower your insurance rates. A traffic violation on your official Texas driver record can lead to a suspended license, auto insurance rate increases, and points toward a surcharge. Municipal court judges and justices of the peace require you to contact the court before you take our course for purposes of ticket dismissal.   


We recommend that you complete our course at least two (2) weeks before your completion due date. You will not receive a Texas-issued Certificate of Completion (certificate) the day of the class! Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation  guidelines require us to mail your certificate to you via first class mail. However, expedited handling of your certificate is available at an additional charge.  You will receive a registration receipt indicating payment and course completion date at the end of the course. The official certificate for ticket dismissal and insurance discount will be mailed to you within 15 days. Some courts will allow extra time to provide the certificate if you show the registration receipt.  It is recommended that you either hand deliver your certificate to the court, or that you send it to the court via certified mail to ensure it arrives by your completion due date. Note: you are responsible for ensuring your certificate reaches the court by your due date. Our school is not permitted to mail the certificate to the court on your behalf.    

Most courts require a certified copy of your current driving record to be submitted with your certificate. This is a separate document that must be ordered by you, the student. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BRING YOUR DRIVING RECORD TO TAKE DEFENSIVE DRIVING. You will, however, if required by the court, have to submit your driving record along with your certificate to the court for your ticket dismissal. Driving records can be ordered online at www.TexasOnLine.com or by mail with a form you can get from DPS.   Some insurance companies offer up to a 10% discount for 3 years when taking the course for insurance discount purposes and/or ticket dismissal. Check with your insurance company to see if they give a discount for completion of a driving safety course.