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New Texas law prohibits texting while driving

What you need to know about Texas' texting and driving ban

  •  The law targets people who are on their cellphones reading, writing or sending a text message while driving.
  • Law enforcement will be on the lookout for drivers whose heads are down and who are swerving which is an indicator of texting while driving. 
  • Cellphones can be used for GPS navigation and music, though cellphones should be attached to the dashboard.  
  • Some drivers steer with a knee as they text with one hand putting them at a disadvantage to maneuver out of the way of other vehicles.
  • Using a cellphone to report an emergency, like a car crash, while driving is permissible under the law.
  • Those who are caught texting and driving will face a fine up to $99 for the first offense and those who've previously been convicted could face up to $200.